The Claremont Review of Books: A Living Tradition

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The Claremont Review of Books just published a lovely review in their spring journal of our latest monograph Allan Greenberg: Classical Architect. Anthony Paletta writes a very well articulated piece which extends beyond our monograph itself, and delves into themes we have been working on over the past 40 years. Three wonderful illustrations by Elliot Banfield accompany the article. Please click here to find the pdf of the article, courtesy of the Claremont Review of Books: A Living Tradition.

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Architectural Digest, December 2013: A Federal-Style Mansion in Houston

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The December issue of Architectural Digest features one of our most recently built commissions: an estate in Houston, one of my favorite cities. The house is sited in the River Oaks section. This beautiful neighborhood, like the nearby Shady Side where we are currently working on another home, may well be the two most beautiful residential neighborhoods in the United States.

It is not easily apparent that this is a new home in River Oaks. The brick house has a two story front portico that respectfully echoes the Houstonian charm of some of the older surrounding estates. The interior rooms are planned for entertaining, flowing one into the other in sequences through archways and a pair of columns. The movement pattern forms a figure eight, with the Center Hall at the intersection of the two circles so guests can always find places to sit, stand, or keep circulating.

The slideshow below shows some of the photos that did not appear in the Architectural Digest article (photos ©Michael Paulsen).

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Click here to read the Architectural Digest Article

Rizzoli: Modern Living and the Kitchen

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In Rizzoli’s newsletter celebrating Archtober, Allan discusses the evolution of today’s kitchen.
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The Dream of an Ideal Home

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Our long awaited monograph is nearly here! Allan Greenberg: Classical Architect will be in stores on October 1st. It is a stunning book, full of beautiful photographs and measured drawings, showcasing some of the firm’s recent work.  Included in the book are residential, commercial, and university projects, along with a forward by Carolyne Roehm. Allan has also included a short autobiography and an essay on university campus planning.  In the above video, from Rizzoli’s YouTube Channel, Allan discusses the dream of an ideal home.

CoverTo order on Amazon click here.

The Pillars – Southern Splendor in Hot Springs, VA

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The July-August 2013 issue of Veranda features the restoration of The Pillars, a grand Greek Revival home built in Hot Springs, Virginia in the 1890’s.  Our office, along with interior designer Amelia Handegan, brought the house back to its former glory – a momentous task as the house had not been maintained for a long time.  The renovation was extensive: wiring and plumbing had to be replaced, a new staircase was added, and moldings throughout the house were redesigned.

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WSJ: Allan on the Four Seasons Restaurant

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In Saturday’s Wall Street Journal, Allan discusses his favorite room in New York, the Pool Room at the Four Seasons restaurant, Click here to read the article.
Pool Room

With Meaning for All

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Allan has been working for 30 years, off and on, on a book on war memorials to be titled Discourses in Stone.  In the book, he takes the reader through the history of the development of ten memorials from the 19th and 20th centuries exploring the battle to which the memorial was dedicated, and how the memorial successfully realizes the meaning of the event it is memorializing.  He explores the symbolism of the monument, and the political stumbling blocks that the architect or the sculptor had to surmount. One chapter looks at the reasons why so many memorials fail.

The Manhattan Institute’s,  City Journal, has recently published a shortened version of the book’s chapter on the Lincoln Memorial. Please click here to read the article on City Journal’s website.

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